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Combistats The Combistat is Mechanical Temperature Measuring instrument do two jobs…control and indicate. Its a temperature switch that combines a thermostat and thermometer in one compact, attractive unit which is equipped with a small sensing element and an optional fail safe thermal system. The Combistat, which is an indication two-point controller, operates as an on/off controller without feedback &  work on Bimetal Or Gas actuation Principals & cover Temperature Range from – 200 To 700 deg C. Standard ranges are offered in degree Fahrenheit, degree Celsius or combined F and C, with an indication accuracy of up to 1%. The standard instrument satisfies the enclosure specification IP 53 from the front in accordance with DIN 40 050.
Combistats types
50-350 / 50-150 Deg C
50-350 / 50-150 Deg C 50-350 / 50-150 Deg C

Model…. 50 -150 / 3mtr Capillary

Model ….50 - 350 / 3 mtr Capilary

Model….50 - 350 / 5 Mtr Capillary