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Company details
Brahma manufactures Burner control boxes, ignition transformer, gas solenoid valve, oil solenoid valve, coils for solenoid valves, flame sensors, electrodes. These products are popularly known as Burner Sequence Controller, Burner Programmer, Gas Burner Controller, Oil Burner Controller, Burner Control Box, Flame Detector, Flame Sensor, Ultra Violet Flame Detector, U V Detectors, Flame Sensor Photocell, Burner Flame Detection Electrodes, Flame Scanner, Photocells, Photo Resistive Flame Sensors, Infrared Flame Detectors, IR Flame Detectors, Burner Flame Safe Guard Relay, Flame Switch, Burner Flame Monitor, Burner Boiler Spares, HT Cable, Ignition Cable, Ignition Electrodes, High Tension Red silicon Cable, Oil Gas Burner Ignition Transformer, Burner Igniter, Burner Ignition Coil, Oil Burner Spares, UV Detector, Burner Spares, Gas Solenoid Valves, Oil Solenoid Valve, Multibloc, Gas Filters, Gas Pressure Regulators.

Brahma stands out for its ability to use different and new technologies in product design and implementation with advanced research of its own laboratories and its wide technical and process know-how. Brahma owns a certified Quality Assurance system allowing to manage an extremely various and complex multi technological process.

Product Range
  Ignition Transformers
  Gas Solenoid Valves
  Burner Sequence Controllers
  Flame Sensors
  Ignition Cables
  Ignition Electrodes