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PETERCEM, ECEE has been a member of CABRI GROUP. CABRI offers a global solution for the manufacturing of electro-mechanical units .These industrial units cover the whole range of customers’ needs: research, prototypes, design and manufacturing as well as assembling.

Their ability to adapt and react to ever-changing technical needs shows how determined they are in innovating both in terms of manufacturing and costs. With the technology, products and the experience available they are at the forefront of today's market trends. A prominent player in national market standards, covering all countries.
Petercem, ECEE provide various types of Boiler Spares, Oil Burner Spares, Gas Burner Spares which are widely known as Oil Gas Burner Sequence Controllers, Burner Programmer, Gas Burner Controller, Oil Burner Controller Burner Control Box, Flame Detector, Ultra Violet Flame Detector, U V Detectors, Flame Sensor Photocell, Flame Scanner, Photocells, Photo Resistive Flame Sensors, Burner Flame Safe Guard Relay, Flame Switch, Burner Flame Monitor.

Product Range
Burner Sequence Controllers
Flame Sensors