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Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

All of the SKP Series electro-hydraulic actuators can be used in combination with any VG Series gas valve. This modular approach creates a matrix of valve combinations, allowing manufacturers to meet varied capacity and pressure regulation requirements with minimal inventory. SKP Actuators fit all valve sizes from ½" to 6". SKP actuators are multifunctional, they perform three functions: safety shutoff, gas-pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control. They eliminate the need for mechanical cams and linkages while improving burner performance.

Electro-Hydraulic Actuators types
SKPx5..SKL25... SKP5... VGD2..VGD4... VGG…VGF…VGH...
SKPx5..SKL25... SKPx5..SKL25...
The electrohydraulic are primarily used in gas-fired combustion plant. The actuators open slowly and close rapidly.The actuator can be supplied with end switch .
SKP5... SKP5...
The SKP5…is designed for the control of the gas/air ratio on multistage or modulating gas burners with central or decentral air supply.
VGD2..VGD4... VGD2..VGD4...
The double gas valves are used primarily on gas fired combustion plant and on gas trains in connection with forced draft gas burners.
The gas valves are used in connection with the SKP.. electro hydraulic actuators.